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Punter Ryan Quigley Quietly Among Vikings Most Productive Players

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (WCCO) — Everything gets magnified this time of year. If you step on the field, there is a chance you could be in the eye of the storm.

WCCO’s Mike Max caught up with Minnesota Vikings punter Ryan Quigley, who understands just that.

Last year in Philadelphia, the Vikings got a lesson in the beginning to an end. But much has changed from that film.

“Everything is so much different from year to year. Even from early in the season to late in the season, so it’s really hard to put too much emphasis on it,” wide receiver Adam Thielen said.

The beautiful part about the NFL Playoffs is that anybody could be a hero or a goat on any given play. We learned that last week. It also applies to the punter and the long snapper.

Enter Ryan Quigley, or should we say quiet Quigley? He’s been one of their lowest profile, most productive players this season.

“It’s just practice, hard work and we have great gunners this year. We have a great punt team that takes care of me, gets the job done when called upon,” Quigley said. “So yeah, we’re confident.”

They did give up a block to New Orleans, always a potential game-changer. And this week they will be outdoors.

“You just react to whatever happens. Obviously we’re playing outdoors so you’ve got to react to the weather and the field. Nothing we haven’t faced before and we’ll handle it,” Quigley said.

Add to it a relatively new long snapper. Jeff Overbaugh just got on board in time for the post season, and he’s having the time of his life.

“It’s been incredible to be able to join this team. There’s no words for that, trying to do right by these guys and do my best,” Overbaugh said.

For also means a role as a holder. Pressure, yes, but what else would you want to do with his life?

“It’s all the same for me. It’s just playing football,” Quigley said.

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