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Representing athletes and coaches since 1988


In November of 1988, Bobby Jones, NBA All-Star and NBA Champion, walked into Robert B. Walker’s office and expressed a need for help. Mr. Jones had recently retired from his 12-year playing career. He needed someone to help him with his business matters and all of his requests for speaking, appearances, and other sports marketing opportunities. Robert chose to help Bobby. Mr. Jones was very pleased with the first deal that Robert negotiated, and he began to tell others about Robert and his talents.

During 1988-1994 the business grew, with many athletes coming to Robert for representation. Mr. Jones and Robert grew close over the years, coaching basketball and working together at a school, where Robert was the athletic director, and winning two state championships in the process. In 1994, Robert left the school to launch US Sports, Inc. into a full-time business.

The company continued to grow into a full-service sports management and marketing firm. US Sports Inc. has negotiated thousands of contracts and been a part of bringing new products and inventions to the market. What makes US Sports, Inc. unique is the marketing mix it brings to a negotiating table. Because Robert has 20 years experience negotiating on behalf of others, he has taught people within the firm how to maximize their potential too. Should you choose to contract with US Sports, Inc., you are guaranteed a staff that is willing to help you grow as a person, not just an athlete.

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