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Thomas Rawls says health is great, not feeling pressure replacing Marshawn

Seattle Seahawks running back Thomas Rawls says his health is great, but he’s not fully recovered from surgery to repair a broken ankle. He also told KPUG he feels no pressure replacing Marshawn Lynch as the Seahawks lead ball carrier.

Rawls was in Bellingham Saturday to help Justin Britt host a youth football camp at Sehome High School. The new lead back for Seattle told KPUG his health was great, referring to his interaction with the kids at the camp. “It’s amazing, you seen me out here with the kids, right! I’m not 100 percent yet, but an ankle problem is not going to stop an impact from the kids.

”Rawls, who broke his ankle December 13th in a 35-6 victory over Baltimore, said rehab has been tough, but it’s going well and he’s looking forward to getting ready for the first game.

When asked if he felt any pressure replacing Marshwn Lynch, Rawls told KPUG, “First of all I just want to get it clear, there’s no pressure. At the end of the day I don’t worry about the distractions between what Marshawn’s doing or fans or even this ankle injury.

”A confident Rawls said, “It’s all about going out there and competing against myself. Going out there and having fun and doing my job, not letting the older guys down.

”Rawls totaled 830 yards on 147 carries in his rookie season with Seattle.

Britt’s football camp has another scheduled stop in the Tri-Cities on Monday.

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